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Our Physiotherapists and Chiropractors at Westpoint Health now offer Telehealth consultations over video calls so you can get the right advice wherever you are.

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Coviu and Physitrack

We use the innovative Coviu and Physitrack platforms to deliver our Telehealth services. Coviu is an Australian based company which initially started as an initiative from the CSIRO. It is now leading the way in offering a simple Telehealth solution for health professionals. Physitrack is a UK based company that offers seamless exercise videos and  Telehealth. Find out more about Coviu and Physitrack by clicking the logos below.

Coviu is an Australian based Telehealth platform making it easier than ever to connect with health professionals

Healthcare Anywhere

With a phone, tablet, or laptop and an internet connection, you can ask any questions about your health and get accurate and reliable information and advice, right from the comfort of your own home.

Can't make it to the clinic? Ask a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, or Dietitians from home!

Does Telehealth work?

Yes! There has been an increasing amount of research being published on how digital online consultations are just as effective as traditional face to face consultations.

Find out more information on the latest research on Telehealth here.

Online Telehealth consultations can be just as effective as traditional face to face consultations.  

How it works


Make a Booking

Booking a Telehealth appointment is simple. Just click the "Book Telehealth Appointment" button below, and follow the steps to select a time and fill in your contact details. We will then email you the instructions and links for your session.



We provide Telehealth consultations at $80 per session, with payment taken before through our secure Stripe payment facility. Currently there are some Medicare rebates for Telehealth consultations with a Dietitian, and recently some Private Health Insurers are now covering Telehealth consultations with Physiotherapists. It is best to check with your health fund to see if you are eligible. To claim these rebates, payment is required in full and an invoice will be provided for you to submit to your health fund.


Telehealth Session

Our Telehealth sessions run exactly the same way as you would get in the clinic. We start by taking a full history of your health condition, perform a modified examination, and provide you with the best advice on how to manage it. This might include referral to your doctor or another health professional, exercise, or even an eating plan.

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Answers To

Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a Telehealth appointment?

Making a Telehealth appointment is easy. Simple click on the orange Book Telehealth Appointment button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Do I need any special software or applications for the Telehealth appointment?

There is no software or applications required to run your Telehealth session over your computer or laptop. All you need is a webcam and a good internet connection. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to run the session, as this has the best compatibility. If you do not have any of these, you can  use your tablet or phone, but it is advisable to install the free PhysioApp application (free download from the App Store / Google Play).

Who will contact who when the time comes for the appointment?

When it comes to the time of your appointment, simply click the "Go To Consultation" link you were emailed, agree to the standard consent form, then you will enter a waiting room with some nice music. We will meet you there! If there are any issues, we will usually contact you with a phone call, or you can call us on 0414 355 452.

How much does the Telehealth appointment cost?

We provide Telehealth consultations at $80 per session, with payment taken before through our secure Stripe payment facility. Whilst there are some Medicare rebates for some Telehealth consultations with a Dietitian, there are currently no Medicare or Private Health insurance rebates for consultations with a Physiotherapist and Chiropractor. This is likely to change in future as the benefits of Telehealth are being more widely recognised

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